Based on the concept of eKasi four roomed homes that were the dwellings of the black communities in areas close to the business hubs of South Africa (the cities). These four roomed carriage like houses would normally be divided into a lounge/dining room, a main bedroom, a second bedroom and a kitchen. More than one family would live in these houses and this is where Ubuntu through this unity was mostly developed and encouraged.

4ROOMED™ as a business concept will be the rebirth of Ubuntu that was once part of our daily lives, a business initiative that is intended to evoke nostalgic moments through food, style and décor of the rooms, the smells-sounds and stories that can be associated with the times when multiple families shared a four roomed house as one big union. A life to be celebrated while bringing dignity and awareness on South Africa’s diverse cultures.

The company hosts the following four arms of service;

  1. Fine dining restaurant eKasi, a Food truck and 4Roomed Pantry goods (promoting food security and healthy food choices in the townships, contributing to the economy)

2. Accommodation

3. Heritage décor and props hire

4. Vintage clothing hire and sales

4ROOMED™ most important role is to bring about a dignified standard of life while conducting business in the townships, encouraging participation from all citizens for a culturally cohesive and inclusive engagement by all.

A backyard gardening initiative was established in 2015 in the “burbs” of Khayelitsha. Locals are encouraged to grow, cook and eat from their own backyards, contributing to a fulfilling healthy lifestyle.