4Roomed Founder’s Enchanted Journey!

Abigail Mbalo| Founder & Creative Director


My name is Abigail Mbalo founder and creative director of 4Roomed eKasi Culture, a Dental Technologist, artist, home decor and design creative, self taught cook & recipe developer, self taught photographer.

I’d like to take you on a journey of self determination, self motivation, self empowerment & self belief…..and share with you how these attributes helped me unleash my best potential on this earth.

Most of my drive stems from constantly reflecting on my upbringing…reflecting on my South African roots!

On this blog I shall share insights under the following sub-headings;

***Life of a butterfly – how this gracious little creature’s life became my inspiration, my muse…

***In the name of “Research”- thoughts and creative ideas on my passion for art,home decor, travels and GLORIOUS food!

***South African 4Roomed home memoirs – yeah! what makes us who we are now, the South African we are today.Insights and creative ideas from our past,present…..and the future!

Please keep an eye for motivating, inspiring, informative insight and ideas that stem from a South African who had chosen to extract from the past demise only the good memories that are deemed to contribute in making today a better day, but not forgetting how the past managed to shape us to who we are or who we choose to be today.


  1. thank you Abigail and team for a wonderfully tasty lunch at 4roomed ekasi culture! congratulations and alll the best to you and all your new projects and recipes! Krisztina (IE Brown MBA student from Switzerland)

    • ❤️😊 Thank you Krisztina for such wonderful words. We are happy that you enjoyed your experience with us🇿🇦🙌🏾

  2. I would like to make a booking for a big event. Can you please contact me, because i don’t see your contact details. 0761871022

    • Good day Theo, thank you for making contact with us. We prefer email contact, our email address is listed on our contact page. Kindly email us your request with all details such as date, venue (if requesting our food truck services), time, number of guests, event theme. For convenience sake here is our email address; info@4roomedekasiculture.com
      Many thanks

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